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If you are in the Hiroshima area and want to come to Mitaki, the best way to come the first time, is by train. Here's how to visit us.

From Hiroshima (Train) Station, take the Kabe Line train. From Hiroshima Station, you will head toward Kabe. Mitaki Station is only two stops away. Once leaving Hiroshima the train will stop at Yokogawa Station and then Mitaki Station. Get off at Mitaki Station, which is simply a small, unmanned platform. Once you leave the train, head off the platform, toward a street that is parallel to the tracks. Go left up the street, until you come to another road. Turn right, up the road, in other words, don't cross back over the tracks toward the river. Head up the hill for about 50 meters. On the left, sort of up on the hill, is a large white billboard with green lettering. It says Mitaki Green Chapel, in Japanese (English is coming soon!). Directly across the street from that sign, enter the narrow road and follow it up the hill for about 20 meters. The large building on the left is Mitaki Green Chapel, which by the way, is not green. We look forward to meeting you!

The way to Mitaki green chapel
by photo
Mitaki Bridge

Musasi(むさし)is a mark.

Cross a crossing.

Head up the hill for about 50 meters. 

Turn to the right.

Pay attention to an oncoming car.  

Go slowly and advance.

A church appears on the left side.(^^)

There is a parking lot.


Mitaki Green Chapel 
2-10-24Mitakihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima
tel : 082-237-2823 fax : 082-237-7766